Are you an Avenue Scholar? If so, Intern Omaha is an opportunity for you! Intern Omaha is a program for students that you apply for during your junior year of high school. If selected, the cohort you join aligns with your senior year of high school (i.e., if you are a member of the class of 2024, you'd be applying for Cohort 5, which occurs during the 2023-24 school year.)

program purpose:

The purpose of Intern Omaha is to enable a next-generation workforce to begin lifelong careers in our city.

Intern Omaha hopes to make a significant impact in workforce development efforts at the high school level by connecting high school seniors to internships with some of the city's best employers. We're doing this by facilitating year long, co-curricular, paid internships with some of the city’s best employers. Business, IT, healthcare, trades, and automotive are just some of the industries we offer internships in.

At this time, Intern Omaha is only able to serve students who are also enrolled in the Avenue Scholars program.

education partners:

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