Welcome, Students!

Thank you for showing interest in the Intern Omaha program! This page will take you through the what, who, why and how of the program (the where, of course, is Omaha).

If you would like to jump right into specifics about either our third cohort (2021-22 program year) or fourth cohort (2022-23 program year), please click the links below:

Intern Omaha is a program that you apply for during your junior year of high school. If selected, the cohort you join aligns with your senior year of high school (i.e., if you are a member of the class of 2023, you'd be applying for Cohort 4, which occurs during the 2022-23 school year.)

Cohort 3 INFO (current Seniors)

2021-22 Program Year

Cohort 4 Info (current Juniors)

2022-23 Program Year

What are we doing?

Intern Omaha hopes to make a significant impact in workforce development efforts at the high school level by connecting high school seniors to internships with some of the city's best employers in the business, IT, trades, and automotive fields.

According to a recently released report, "[Nebraska] has difficulty retaining and attracting young talent. Ranked #39 among all states, Nebraska recorded one of the lowest growth rates (0.5%) for the population 25-29-years old, 2013-2018. Nebraska is losing people in the war for talent to other states."

The purpose of Intern Omaha is to enable a next-generation workforce to begin lifelong careers in our city.

We seek to:

    • Fill skills gaps by creating a more seamless talent pipeline to high-demand industries

    • Attack the "brain drain" by engaging high-performing talent before it leaves the state

We're doing this by facilitating year long, co-curricular, paid internships with some of the City’s best employers.

Check it out below!

Who are we doing it with?

Education Partners

Employer Partners (Selected)

Why SHould I apply?

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HOW DO I Apply?

Applications for Cohort 3 are currently closed but please visit our dedicated Cohort 4 page to learn more about applying for opportunities set to begin in June 2022! You'll need to create a profile in and submit all applications through our application portal.

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