Welcome, Employers!

Thank you for showing interest in the Intern Omaha program! We would love the opportunity to help source fantastic local talent for opportunities within your organization. This page will take you through the what, who, why and how of the program (the where, of course, is the Greater Omaha area).

If you would like to jump right into specifics about either our second cohort (2020-21 program year) or third cohort (2021-22 program year), please click the links below:

Cohort 3 INFO (Current Cohort)

2022-23 Program Year

Cohort 4 Info (upcoming cohort)

2022-23 Program Year

What are we doing?

Intern Omaha hopes to make a significant impact in workforce development efforts at the high school level by connecting high school seniors to internships with some of the city's best employers in the business, IT, trades, and automotive fields.

According to a recently released report, "[Nebraska] has difficulty retaining and attracting young talent. Ranked #39 among all states, Nebraska recorded one of the lowest growth rates (0.5%) for the population 25-29-years old, 2013-2018. Nebraska is losing people in the war for talent to other states."

The purpose of Intern Omaha is to enable a next-generation workforce to begin lifelong careers in our city.

We seek to:

    • Fill skills gaps by creating a more seamless talent pipeline to high-demand industries

    • Attack the "brain drain" by engaging high-performing talent before it leaves the state

We're doing this by facilitating year long, co-curricular, paid internships with some of the City’s best employers.

In-program experience

Students will be embedded in your workplace for 20-40 hours per week in the summer and 10-20 hours per week in the fall and spring. They will train with you with the intent of eventually engaging in meaningful work and providing return on investment throughout the course of their internship.

The work they do on the job will be supplemented by a concurrently-enrolled professional skills course, an aligned career and technical education course, and an internship course that requires them to engage in career coaching and grow more self aware throughout the experience. Throughout the program, both you and your student will receive full-time, proactive support from a dedicated internship coordinator. Beyond paying your intern a competitive hourly wage, there is currently no cost to your organization to join the Intern Omaha program.

To get a deeper sense of the program requirements, please visit the page detailing the timeline of our upcoming cohort (2022-23).

Check it out below!

HOW DO I Join?

We are currently recruiting for Cohort 4!

If you're interested in joining Cohort 4 (occurring during the 2022-23 school year and kicking off in June 2022), read the commitment requirements below! Please reach out with questions, we're here to help every step of the way.

Requirements for commitment

  1. You will provide at least one internship position (though we find cohorts of two or more work best!) that will allow a student to work onsite or virtually for 20-40 hours per week in the summer and 10-20 hours per week in the fall and spring.

  2. You will provide a detailed but accessible job description for each of your internship positions and upload it to our application portal by September 2021.

    • You can log into an existing employer application portal account or create a new one here.

    • You can find a simple template for your job description(s) here.

  3. Space allowing, you will send a representative from your agency to participate in our inaugural IO Expo (a career fair exclusively for Intern Omaha participants and roles) on November 18, 2021, at the Scott Conference Center.

  4. You will review applications to your role(s) beginning in late January 2022 and make final hiring decisions by the end of March 2022.

  5. You will send the appropriate representatives from your organization to our employer orientation sessions in April 2022 and plan to welcome your intern to work in June 2022!

If this all sounds feasible, please express your commitment and begin your journey with Intern Omaha by reaching out to Kathy McGauvran at kmcgauvran@avescholars.org to set up a time to review program logistics. Note: Currently, as we continue to establish and refine the program, there is no charge to be an employer partner in Intern Omaha. This may change over time.

Who are we doing THIS with?

Education Partners

Employer Partners (Selected)

Why SHould I Join?

IO C4 Employer One Pager.pdf


The Nebraska Department of Labor produced the following one pager that clearly outlines the types of work in which 16- & 17-year-old students can be engaged. More forms and resources regarding under-18 employment can be accessed here.

NDoL - Employing Youth 16 and Older (5-23-17).pdf