cohort 3 STUdents/guardians

Hello Students & Guardians,

Welcome to Intern Omaha's 2021-2022 cohort (Cohort 3)! We are excited and honored to have you as participants.

Our hope is that this website will help to clarify any remaining questions you may have regarding program expectations and walk you through next steps.

Within this Student/Guardian Prep Kit you will find the following:

      • Orientation Materials

      • Program components and expectations for all participants

      • Copies of documents you will engage with throughout the program

      • Intern Omaha contact information

Below is information for you to use throughout your participation in the Intern Omaha program. Please know that you are always encouraged to reach out to your assigned Internship Coordinator or the Intern Omaha Program Director throughout the program if you have any questions or concerns regarding your experience.

Welcome aboard, we look forward to assisting you during your Internship this year!

The Intern Omaha Team

The slide deck reviewed during our student orientation can be accessed here:

IO C3 Student/Guardian Orientation Slides

The Prep Kit materials (program overview and key documents) reviewed during our student orientation can be accessed here:

If you would like to watch a recording of a student orientation session, please follow this link:


  • Complete agreement form by May 7, 2021 (accessible here:

  • Confirm fall schedule with your employer (reach out to your assigned Coordinator if this is an issue!)

  • Enroll for the WORK 1400 class if you’re interested (stay tuned at the end of the orientation session for a walkthrough!)

  • Follow up to any emails/phone calls from your assigned Coordinator in a timely manner