cohort 3 District Partners

Hello district Leaders,

Welcome to Intern Omaha’s third cohort! We are excited and honored to have you as participants.

Our hope is that this orientation website will help to clarify any remaining questions you may have regarding expectations of you, employers, students, and the Internship Coordinators. As we have said from the beginning, our goal is to facilitate meaningful internship experiences for high school seniors in an effort to grow our workforce and retain our region’s extraordinary homegrown talent.

We simply could not do this work without your skilled and coordinated partnership.

Within this District Partner Prep Kit you will find the following:

      • Orientation Materials

      • Program components and expectations for all participants

      • Copies of documents you will engage with throughout the program

      • Intern Omaha Contact Information

Below is information for you to use throughout your participation in the Intern Omaha program. Please know that you are always encouraged to reach out to an Internship Coordinator or the Intern Omaha Program Director throughout the program if you have any questions or concerns regarding your experience.

Welcome aboard! We look forward to assisting you during your participation in the Intern Omaha program.

The Intern Omaha Team

IO C3 District Orientation Slides (2021.04.13 @ 3pm)


Cohort 3

  • Confirm structure of your summer WORK 1400 course with the Intern Omaha team by the end of April 2021. If you haven't already done so, please clarify who will be teaching the course, where it will be located and section times/dates (if different from what IO team has outlined) ASAP.

  • Ensure appointed WORK 1400 instructor attends the dedicated WORK 1400 orientation on May 19, 2021, at 3:30pm.

  • Ensure appropriate district staff are attending an employer orientation sessions next week and ready to host in-house interns beginning on June 7, 2021.

  • Ensure counseling staff is aware of students' participation in Intern Omaha and that they can help arrange their senior year schedules accordingly.

  • As always, feel free to provide any feedback on how we can improve the recruiting and application process!

Cohort 4

  • Be on the lookout for an invitation for a meeting in July to discuss Cohort 4, including details on our inaugural Intern Omaha Expo (save the date: November 18, 2021)!

  • Keep sending leads of new employer partners; we’ll begin our formal recruiting process this June 2021.

  • Sign C4 participation agreement (Ana will send via email prior to July meeting).

District as Employer

Again, ensure appropriate district staff are attending an employer orientation session next week and ready to host in-house interns beginning on June 7, 2021.

District employers will...

    • Confirm start date and summer schedule with interns

    • Communicate who will be intern(s’) direct supervisor with the Intern Omaha team (if not already done)

    • Complete Department of Labor form when intern starts employment (if applicable)

    • Communicate internship commitment for Cohort 4 (2022-23 school year).